Pan Chia-Yi



LANGUAGE(S)Chinese, Japanese, English, Taiwanese


Ms. Pan Chia-Yi received her LL.B. degree from National Taiwan University, and obtained LL.M. degree from National Taiwan University, specializing in Criminal Law. Ms. Pan Chia-Yi participated in several research projects such as comparative research on international contract law norms, people\'s participation in trial moot courts commissioned by the Judicial Yuan, and the punishability and normative models of private bribery crimes during her LL.M. studies. She also served as a volunteer lawyer in the Taiwan Innocent Project.During her practice, Ms. Pan handled various civil, criminal, and administrative litigation cases. Areas of expertise include government procurement law, real estate disputes, family disputes, labor disputes, etc., and co-authored the book " Dispute Resolution and Remedy for Government Procurement Cases" (Angle Publishing).

LL.M. National Taiwan University
LL.B. National Taiwan University